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Away from useless lives and failure

I've seen these lights

7 June
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I'm Heather and this is my journal.
Mature content, complex emotions, uncontrolled rages all exist here. I'm not afraid to speak my mind, but only do it when i feel the need. I am a sucker for corny lyrics. I can be very random. I dont hold grudges and forgive people too easy. People call me different, but I just call them insane. I'm just like everyone else, I'm different. Music used to consume my life, but now i add going out and never being home to that list. I can be shy, quiet, and antisocial when i dont know someone. But if I like you i cant shut up. That's enough about me.

a perfect circle, amusement parks, andy's pizza, art, beef jerky, ben and jerry's, black, black lights, black mascara, blankets, blink 182, blue, blue mascara, bracelets, breaking benjamin, candy bars, carnivals, cds, cheese, cheese fries, cheesy bread, chicken, chicken kickers, christmas, christmas vacation, computer, concerts, cookies, daria, dark, dark blue, degrassi, disney, disturbed, dominoes, drawing, dvds, eyelash curlers, eyeliner, eyeshadow, family guy, final destination, fire, football games, french fries, friends, games, gift certificates, godsmack, going out, halloween, hatebreed, haunted houses, holidays, hot, hot pink, hot topic, hot topic pants, hot wings, ice cream, iced tea, icp, idle hands, johnny depp, journals, juice, kitties, lemonade, lighters, live journals, mac and cheese, macoroni and cheese, magazines, makeup, matches, midnight, milky way, mountain dew, movies, music, my birthday, my house, nail polish, necklaces, not going to school, online, orlando bloom, pac sun, painting, painting nails, pasta, pepsi, pizza, playstation, pogo games, portable dvd players, puppies, radios, red, rings, roller coaster tycoon, salad, salad dressing, salt, seether, skiing, sleeping, slim jims, slipknot, snowball fights, spencers, spongebob, staind, stars, static x, staying up late, stereos, story of the year, string, stuff, summer, summer vacation, talking, taproot, the mall, the night, the simpsons, the sims, three days grace, true stories, twix, vacation, volleyball, walking, warm days, water, websites, wings